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RSS Learning Plans

Functional School Closure + Learning Plans

Should our capacity to provide a safe learning environment be exceeded by COVID-19 related illness, we will consult with SD20 district staff and may implement a functional closure process. SD20 district staff, Mr. DeRosa and Mr. Robinson will monitor our student and staff attendance as part of the logistics related to communicating any updates and changes to our parent community. As indicated in Superintendent Shearer’s most recent letter to our school communities, the following will be communicated:

  • Closure notifications will be posted on the SD20 and RSS School website as well as through SD20 social media: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • E-mails will also be distributed to parents/caregivers impacted by a health or functional closure.
  • Closure notification e-mails will be issued by 9 pm the evening prior or no later than 6:30 am on the morning of a closure.

The learning plans provided by our teachers will provide students with continuity in their learning. Further direction and updates would be provided to our school community if this scenario were to occur.


Kindergarten to Grade 7 Learning Plans
Ms. Wyatt - Kindergarten                              Mrs. Donnelly - Grade 3/4                   
Ms. Gurney - Grade K/1                                Mrs. Hemstreet - Grade 5
Ms. Jaeck - Grade K/1                                  Mr. Starzner - Grade 5
Mrs. Anhel - Grade 1                                     Ms. Kavanagh - Grade 6
Ms. Whenham - Grade 1/2                            Mme. Cummins - Grade 6 LFI
Mrs. Broyd - Grade 2                                     Ms. Metzler - Grade 7                        
Miss Vecchio - Grade 2                                 Mme. Whalen - Grade 7 LFI
Ms. Treasure - Grade 2/3                              RSS - Library