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General Information

Wireless access is available in our school. This network is open to all students and staff who wish to bring personal devices from home. While no technical support can be provided for personal devices, there are instructions available to assist you in connecting. See for more information..
In School District #20, every student has the right to:
  • an appropriate educational program
  • be treated in a respectful and judicious manner
  • freedom of expression conducted in a respectful manner and formal means for expressing concerns
  • an appeal process regarding decisions of Board employees which significantly affect the education, health or safety of students
  • privacy and confidentiality relating to student records
  • be taught expected behaviour and school/district codes of conduct
  • be provided assistance when exhibiting behaviour which differs from age-appropriate expectations and which seriously interferes with their own learning and the learning of others
With parent support, every student who attends educational and/or program activities sponsored by the Board is expected to:
  • comply with school rules authorized by the school principal
  • comply with the Code of Conduct and other rules and policies established by the Board
  • be on time and attend classes
  • complete assigned work, come prepared for class and participate fully in educational programs
  • respect the rights of others, understand and accept individual differences and work to create a positive school environment
  • refrain from activities which could jeopardize the safety of others or which could damage personal or school property
Students choosing not to meet these expectations will be subject to interventions and actions within the School District Student Code of Conduct Regulations. It is the responsibility of the district and school to work with support staff, community agencies and parents in an effort to support students in meeting these expectations outlined in the Code of Conduct.
To facilitate development of appropriate student social skills, the Board will provide preventative and motivational initiatives in schools, which might include, but are not limited to:
  • teaching appropriate behaviours
  • peer counseling
  • parental and community involvement
  • alternative out-of-school learning experiences
  • teaching conflict resolution and problem-solving skills
  • self-esteem building
  • professional counseling
  • restorative justice
  • referrals to other agencies