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Immersion Francaise

Click on the following links for information on how to type accents:
Google Translate??
Google translate is not an effective translating resource for beginner language learners. More often than not, the site will translate sentences literally and not in the context students want them. As well, the site often “fixes” grammatical errors and will translate the sentence using verb tenses students have not learned yet…a dead give away.  Please use Wordreference instead.


Here is your chance to listen to and participate in francophone events in our community!
Best use for single word translations. At the bottom of the page please find “Forums WR – discussions”. This is an online forum where you can view responses or ask native French speakers for their understanding or translation of the word you were looking for or colloquial expressions.
An excellent and easy to read site for simple instructions with French Grammar. Mme. Wood often mentions this site in class and uses grammar exercises as examples to study.
An easy site to navigate on order to conjugate French verbs.


Interactive reading and Listening
Jeu de l’oie- Again, a really good site to practice themes and grammar concepts learned in class. Best interactive site Mme. Wood has found so far.
An excellent resource to practice French reading skills through comics or in French “Les BD”


Every single French headline on one page.
Mme. Wood’s favourite source for French news. You can choose either French or English to view the articles. This site contains audio, visual and text news from around the world. Documentaries, sports, business and Tech…it’s all here. This is an excellent site.
A French online newspaper. All in French. Intermediate/Advanced level
A sports page in French for the fanatics.


A contemporary look at the life of French kids.
Enter your text here...A French cultural and celebrity page. Intermediate/Advances level but excellent for perusing the latest trends, music and TV/films