Rossland Summit Home

Supporting Success for All!

Rossland Summit School welcomes students from Kindergarten to Grade 9.
Our community based school is located in the West Kootenay region of British Columbia in the Selkirk Mountains. 
We offer a safe and fun learning environment where students thrive.   RSS offers a Late French Immersion program, sports, clubs and student activities throughout the year. 

Why Choose Our School?

Our staff members are dedicated, well qualified and enthusiastic about delivering a high standard of education.
Staff, students, and parents work together to develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for strong academic, social and emotional growth.
  • Global Community Rossland Summit School is connected to our community and therefore the world! Although Rossland is not considered a large community...we have huge connections. At the school we purposely engage with the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals through curriculum and action
  • books Great Classes Our classes are only limited by our imaginations and dreams. We explore the outdoors, new information and ourselves. Our school and students are so fortunate to have direct access to ‘wild’ open spaces to safely explore and discover each day. We also have access to incredible resources: technology, library, STEM, wood working, theatre, cooking, art … and so much more!
  • Great Teachers Our faculty and support staff are the ‘Rockstars of Education’! Experts in BC’s curriculum, innovative leaders in assessment practices, kind, caring, welcoming and just plain fun to learn and work with!
  • Great Students Why is Rossland Summit School so great? Our students …of course! Our students arrive with a sense of curiosity that is nourished, guided and facilitated. They finish each day with a feeling of accomplishment and evidence of their meaningful learning.

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